New GIZ funded project in Central America

New project in Central America to promote children and young people at risk of migration

As partner of GOPA mbh, the Internationaler Bund (IB) has won a public tender of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in Central America. The project, which started in August 2018 for a period of 26 months, aims at improving the social, educational and vocational integration of children and young people at risk of migration from the three Central American countries Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. The northern triangle of Central America is the starting point for a steady exodus of predominantly young people who are fleeing a violent everyday life due to a lack of prospects and employment opportunities. The consortium will develop integrated approaches to psychosocial support, education and vocational training. The IB will bring in its long lasting experience in the field of youth migration services, youth social work and youth work.


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