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International Literacy Day on September 8 / In Germany 7.5 million people can also not read and write accurately

Every year, on September 8, it is recalled that being able to read and write is still considered as a privilege in many countries. For the 54th time UNESCO has proclaimed the International Literacy Day this year.  

The goals of international literacy work are above all the reduction of illiteracy, the development of appropriate teaching and learning materials and the qualified education and training of teachers. For UNESCO, education is the key to sustainable human development and overcoming poverty.

In 2018 the Literacy Day will take place worldwide under the theme 'Literacy and skills development'. This year, the main focus will be on the projects and programmes with integrated approaches, where literacy also enhances the development of vocational skills.

Even in developed countries, there are many adults with a low reading skill, where one wonders how they can shape their lives independently. This is proven, among other things, by the PIAAC study of the OECD from 2013. In Germany, approximately 7.5 million people are also not able to read and write well enough after finishing school. This drastically reduces their professional and private chances.

The IB is a partner of the AlphaDekade 2016-2026 of the Federal Ministry of Education. The objective is to significantly improve the literacy skills of adults and other areas of basic education. The IB supports these people with offers such as literacy courses, low-threshold learning opportunities or accompanying measures in vocational education and training which enable the participants to actively shape their learning process themselves.

As a trusted partner in educational practice, the IB is committed to developing innovative approaches in the field of basic education and literacy, whether it is further developing learning materials or implementing model projects.

Due to its wide range of services, many of the IB employees are in contact with potential apprentices. In order to be able to support them in a sensitive and appropriate manner, the IB offers further training for professionals in areas of social work and vocational training as well as for those who are active in placement and integration.

Furthermore, the project Delta Network: “Models for basic education in the neighborhood”, sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education will start on September 15, 2018, in which the IB Central Board and its’ offices in Koblenz, Suhl, Neuenhagen and Schwerin are involved. Within the framework of this project, the IB will develop successful and transferable models for basic education in the neighborhood/social area in three years and they will be scientifically supported in cooperation with the IB University. In addition to these projects, the IB will continue to work actively in the next few years as part of the Committees and Network activities for the reduction of illiteracy in order to introduce more opportunities for people to participate.    

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