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UNESCO Report on Adult Education: Access to Quality Education is the Key to a Sustainable Future

The IB provides worldwide access to quality education in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, among others.


International Volunteer Day (IVD): The IB demands free public transport for volunteers

"The voluntary services are important educational and orientation times for young people and a special form of civic commitment," says IB President…


The IB supports the recommendations for the promotion of inclusive education

Unesco program: Inclusive education system for more equal opportunities


IB President Petra Merkel: Promoting children's rights must be given more weight worldwide

"Generational justice means global justice" is the title of an open letter that was sent to the Federal Chancellor, the Minister for Economic…


EU Funds for Development Cooperation are Shrinking

EU funds for development cooperation are shrinking and are reaching only a small proportion of those countries most in need of support.


20 November 2019: 30 Years Convention on the Right's of the Child

For exactly 30 years, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child has guaranteed all girls and boys, among other things, the right to be taken…


New Project in Somalia Started: Vocational Schools of the Future

The IB is supporting the programme with capacity development and support for the establishment of model TVET centres in three regions.  Vocational…


The IB and the German Constitution Celebrate their 70th Anniversary

The IB together with the guest of honor Constitutional Judge Peter Müller, celebrated the double anniversary of 70 years IB and 70 years German…


IB Congress: Rethinking Education. Together. Fair. Unbounded.

Join us and rethink education with us! Visit the IB Congress from 1-2 April 2020 in Frankfurt, Germany



Establishment of the IB International Education Consulting Co., Ltd. in the People's Republic of China

At the first preparatory shareholders' meeting the establishment of the IB International Education Consulting Co., Ltd. was finalised.


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