The IB Campaign "Schwarz, Rot, Bunt - IB Pro Acceptance and Democracy"

Some topics are sometimes more and sometimes less in the headlines - and still always up to date. The confrontation with extremism and violence is one of these issues and the IB is affected with its work, projects and activities on a daily basis. The campaign “Black, Red and Colourful - IB Pro Acceptance and Democracy” represents the IB’s manifold commitment to integration and understanding.

The campaign combines a number of ideas, activities and projects that 

  • promote a spirit of PRO instead of CONTRA;
  • transfer hope and positive perspectives;
  • enlighten, inform and give good arguments for acceptance and understanding;
  • encourage to take up a stance and promote civil courage;
  • show solidarity with victims of violence;
  • are manifold and integrative.

Black, Red and Colourful is not only a wish and our vision, it is the reality of a lively and manifold Europe. The associated “Foundation Black, Red, Colourful” is supporting financially the activities of the campaign since 2012.

Contact: Alexander Krueger

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Active Against Poverty

According to the International Labour Organization (ILO) there are more than 839 Mio people worldwide working for less than two dollars per day with often miserable and health endangering working conditions and with an income not allowing humanely living conditions. In many countries are no existing basic standards, e.g. the ILO basic labour standards, introduced or followed. The growing number of people working under precarious working conditions as well as people with low wages - even in countries such as Germany - confirms that it is time for action.

Against this background and according to its guiding principles the Internationaler Bund (IB) supports the interests of the poor, the marginalized and the disadvantaged. Since its foundation the IB is committed to the support of the disadvantaged people. In many sectors the IB contributes to active prevention and fight against poverty - especially youth poverty.

The IB promotes the individual development and strengthens youth for the future: amongst others open youth work, streetwork, youth social work, support to families, social space focused measures or the children university. 
The IB supports chances for education: e.g. school supplementing all day care and home exercises support, projects for school objectors, IB schools, vocational preparation, and vocational training.
The IB helps to find the way for a self-determined provision of ones livelihood: Support for the transition from school to vocational training and the world of work, youth migration services, support to the homeless, support to refugees, services for debtors and addicts. 

In the course of the VENRO-campaign "Your Voice against Poverty" the IB demands from members of parliament more active commitment for humanely work worldwide. With a number of actions activists show their commitment for this demand. During an online petition more than 135,000 Emails were sent to members of parliament.

Contact: Daniela Keeß

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