Educating. Education and Labour Market Services

The IB supports the global action program Education for All (EFA), which campaigns the global fight against poverty of education. The IB recognises access to quality education as the key to a sustainable future. Education and qualification are basic preconditions for securing an individual's livelihood, his/ her development and social progress. The vocational training measures carried out by the IB are geared towards the labour market. In addition to theoretical instruction, the IB provides training in its own workshops and practical experience on the job in partner companies. With its services the IB traditionally targets all people with special support needs and shows them a life perspective within the society. The goal of the IB’s academic and vocational training institutions is to offer all people good education and development opportunities as well as a professional perspective on the labour market. It does not restrict itself just to teaching the necessary vocational skills in its educational activities. In addition to academic and vocational     training personality development has a substantial value in all IB institutions.

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