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Why You Should Support the Internationaler Bund?

People choose to support a charity for various reasons: for some people it’s because they need, or have needed, the support of a specific charity, or perhaps a family or friend has required its help. It’s often easier to empathise with a charities cause when you have experienced or witnessed its care and compassion first hand. Other people can appreciate the work that a charity does on ethical grounds, religious beliefs or through the moral regard that it’s simply right to help a charity if you are in a financial position to do so. For businesses there are other points to consider: the tax advantages, community standing and marketing opportunities by raising your business profile through charity association. 

Whatever your reasons for offering your support, it’s often because of such support that the charity organisations are able to continue the important, and often essential, work that they do. For the IB helping people to develop in freedom, to shape their own lives, to integrate into society, to take on personal responsibility, to actively help shaping the development of society, to encourage the willingness for social support to the individual and the society, to promote international understanding and cooperation are fixed components since its foundation in 1949. The IB is member of the DE German Fundraising Association.

For further questions do not hesitate to get in touch with the IB Fundraising Coordination Unit. 
Ms Melanie Ebert 
T +49 (0)69 94545-114
F +49 (0)69 94545-297
E-Mail: melanie.ebert@internationaler-bund.de