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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Purpose of the Mission Statement

The Mission Statement shall offer an obligatory orientation and action framework for all colleagues.
The Mission Statement gives our partners information about the aims and intentions of the IB.
The Mission Statement is part of the IB quality management system.

Our Commitment

The IB-Group is an independent non-governmental organization in the fields of youth and social work, education and labour market services.
Our objectives are to help people to develop in freedom, to shape their own lives, to integrate into society, to assume personal responsibilities, to actively help shaping the development of society, to encourage the willingness to render social support to the individual and the society, and to promote international understanding and cooperation.
The IB operates on the basis of European social and education policy.
The IB offers its expertise and services worldwide. 

Our Policy concerning Society

We are convinced of the inalienable dignity of all humans.
We advocate democratic attitudes and behaviors as well as the acceptance of others. We reject racism, violence and discrimination.
Our employees support the creation of positive living conditions for all our clients.

Services for our Partners

We provide social services which can be linked together and therewith result to a new quality of service.
We offer services for private persons and all kinds of legal entities.
We are open for innovative forms of cooperation.
Our professional capacity is based on the permanent update of knowledge, continuous development of quality standards and a comprehensive quality management.

Purpose of the Mission Statement for the Employees

Our Services are based on well approved concepts concerning our services, organization and human resources development.
Social inter-action in our Group is based on mutual appreciation and respect.
Our organization has been learning and improving continuously and we have developed a function-and process-related communication system.
Our success is determined by our performance with respect to the contents and economic performance. Our customers’ and employees’ satisfaction has always been the benchmark of our success. 

We regard it as our duty to continuously foster and further develop this mission statement.