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Working with the Internationaler Bund (IB)

Qualified and committed employees are our most important asset. The Internationaler Bund (IB) regularly offers employment opportunities in different sectors of education and social development, whether related to our headquarter, operational units and subsidiaries or to development cooperation projects worldwide.

The Internationaler Bund (IB) may offer you the chance to have a career alongside inspiring, talented and focused people and play a significant role in ensuring we keep our promises to people in need. Our work is both challenging and ambitious, delivering results for vulnerable groups worldwide.

Working with the IB Abroad

The Internationaler Bund (IB) runs and coordinates programs for vulnerable groups in various countries worldwide. Our field-based positions work with local and national partners to implement programs for vulnerable groups in the fields of social development and education. If you are a qualified expert and would like to be considered for one of our projects or a permanent post with one of our subsidiaries abroad, please check the section "Working with the IB Abroad".

Working with the IB in Germany

Headquartered in Frankfurt, Hessen with major offices in all federal states of Germany, our staff is a diverse group of people working in a variety of specialties including German and international programme and policy work in the areas of social development and education on all levels, marketing and communications, finance, human resources, etc. For more information please check the section "DE Working with the IB in Germany".