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Educating. Voluntary Services

The IB has been procuring and accompanying voluntary services of young people for 50 years. In these services mostly young people under 27 years of age can volunteer in the social and ecological area as well as in culture and sports – in institutions in Germany but also worldwide – for a certain period of time (generally 12 months). 

According to our guiding principles,  we motivate people through voluntary services to develop freely, to shape their own life, to integrate into society, to take over personal responsibility and to contribute actively to the development of society in Germany, Europe and worldwide. True to the motto “I win, you win”, our volunteers are not only committed to assuming an active role in supporting their fellow citizens and their environment. They are also given the opportunity to making valuable experiences and improving their personal and social competences.  

The Voluntary IB-Service-Teams introduce interested candidates to relevant institutions and organize the matching process and the seminar programme. In addition, they assist the volunteers in issues regarding their service and in personal matters during their volunteer service. The goals and processes of the IB voluntary services are presented in its conceptual framework. The IB offers the following national and international programmes and services.

National Programmes and Services:

  • Voluntary Social Year
  • Ecological Social Year
  • Federal Voluntary Service

International Programmes and Services:

  • International Youth Voluntary Service
  • "Weltwärts"
  • European Voluntary Service
  • IB Volunteers

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