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Black, Red and Colourful - Pro Acceptance and Democracy

Some topics are sometimes more and sometimes less in the headlines - and still always up to date. The confrontation with extremism and violence is one of these issues and the IB is affected with its work, projects and activities on a daily basis. The campaign “Black, Red and Colourful - IB Pro Acceptance and Democracy” represents the IB’s manifold commitment to integration and understanding.

The campaign combines a number of ideas, activities and projects that 

  • promote a spirit of PRO instead of CONTRA;
  • transfer hope and positive perspectives;
  • enlighten, inform and give good arguments for acceptance and understanding;
  • encourage to take up a stance and promote civil courage;
  • show solidarity with victims of violence;
  • are manifold and integrative.

Black, Red and Colourful is not only a wish and our vision, it is the reality of a lively and manifold Europe. The associated “Foundation Black, Red, Colourful” is supporting financially the activities of the campaign since 2012.

For more information please contact Tim Klausgraber: