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Areas of Expertise

Caring. Educating. Building Bridges.

The Internationaler Bund (IB) helps people to develop their skills, enabling them to stand up for their own interests and take responsibility in society. The IB is committed to improving people’s life conditions and to supporting them in their personal development and career planning.  

The social commitment of the IB is reflected in a variety of services for diverse target groups worldwide. Activities of the IB are focused on education and social development. While support measures need to be adapted to individual requirements, all programmes of the IB build on each other and are embedded in a holistic perspective. This approach enables the IB to address the needs of people of all ages by implementing a flexible set of social and personal services. In the following the measures and services of the Internationaler Bund (IB) are presented along three major sectors:   

Caring. Social Development Services
Care, counselling and guidance are required in many life circumstances. The IB offers services for children, young people, adults, senior citizens and families. Professional social work tailor-made for individual life patterns is often required to help find solutions to issues related to social orientation in today’s complex societies, situations of great need, low standards of living, social exclusion and other difficult living conditions.

Educating. Education and Labour Market Services
We understand that access to quality education and training is the key to a sustainable future. Education and vocational training are the prerequisites of helping people to shape their living conditions and to develop both personally and at the societal level.

Building Bridges. International Cooperation
In cooperation with its international partners the IB is committed to international understanding and tolerance. It actively participates in tailor-made solutions to social problems and con-tributes to the welfare and social development of society.

Major Sectors: